Frame – How to backup and restore your Frameo frame

In order to make a backup of your photo frame, you will need a micro SD card (the storage of the card should not be higher than 32 GB and the format of the card should be FAT32 – which most is by default). 

NB: Any existing backup on the SD card will be overridden!


To make the backup, follow these steps:

1. Insert the micro SD card into the frame.

2. Go into the Settings menu and then into the submenu called “Backup and Restore”. The time of latest successful backup will be displayed.

3. Here press “Backup frame to external storage (e.g. microSD card)”. The frame should now start backing up all your photos and connections (this might take some minutes depending on the number of photos stored on the frame). 


Automatic backup from SD-card

If checked, your frame will automatically make a backup within 30 hours of you receiving new photos or making changes on your frame.


Restore from backup

Before you attempt to restore your frame, start by confirming that your backup is up-to-date.
To restore from a backup, you must first reset the frame.
Note: You cannot restore to a new Frameo frame and keep the old frame operational at the same time.