Frame - How to fit/fill photos

Some parts of the photos will not be shown on the photo frame if the orientation of the photo frame does not match the orientation of the photo.

However, before sending a photo you can select the important part of the photo to ensure that this part is always visible no matter the orientation.


There are two display modes on your Frameo photo frame – “Fill frame” and “Fit to frame”.

Fill frame will fill out the whole screen with your photo and will use the point you decided to be the most important in the app to make sure this is always shown, no matter the orientation of the frame.


Fit to frame on the other hand allows you to zoom out the photo so that everything on the photo is shown, and have a blurred background behind it.


To change this on individual photos, follow these steps:

  1. Press screen on the photo you want to edit, so that the little menu appears.
  2. From here, you can press: “Fit to frame” to show the full photo at all times.
  3. You can change it back if you press the same button again.

If you want to set either modes as default when you receive new photos, you can do this in the “Settings” menu > “Slideshow” under the section called “Fill frame”.