Frame - SD card requirements

The maximum storage of the SD card should be 32 GB and the format of the SD card should be FAT32 (which most is by default).

If the SD card does not fit into these requirements, the photo frame will not be able to detect the card.

If your SD card is bigger than 32 GB, you could try one with less storage.

If your SD card is not formatted as FAT32, try to insert it into your PC or Mac and format it to meet this requirement.


Here’s a guide on how to format your SD card:

Warning: If you format an SD card, all of the information previously stored on it will be deleted but formatting SD cards are usually required to make them compatible with the device that they will be used with. Therefore, make sure you back up your photos before you format.

1. Click on Start button

Click on the Start or Windows button and then click on My Computer. Mac users click on Menu and the Utilities and select Disk Utilities.

2. Insert SD card 

Insert the SD card into your computer’s card slot, or use a USB card reader.

3. Right-click on Format

Right-click on the SD card icon and select Format from the drop-down menu. Mac users click on the card icon and then the Erase tab.

4. Select settings

Select the format type, file size allocation, and name the card. Then hit Start or OK. The computer will warn you that formatting will erase all the data on the card. Click Okay to continue.

5. Wait

Wait for the card to finish formatting before safely removing it from your computer or card reader.