Frame - How to transfer photos from your PC

To get photos from your computer to the photo frame you can either:

1) Photos from PC to Smartphone


Download them on your smartphone and use the Frameo app to transfer them to your photo frame.

This is easily done with apps like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive etc. With these apps you can synchronize content between devices, so that your smartphone is always up-to-date with your new photos and vice versa.

2) Photos via SD-card


Transfer your photos from your computer to an SD-card and then import the photos from the SD-card to the photo frame.

Note: Some frames only support SD cards formatted as FAT32 and with a storage of maximum 32 GB (which most frames are by default).

First, make sure you have a SD-card with photos on inserted to your photo frame.


Then choose "Manage photos”


“Import photos” and select the photos that you want to import to your photo frame.


Now select the photos you want to import, and tap the "Import button" when you are ready to start the import process.

See also: Frame - How to import photos to your frame from an SD card

Note: Currently, it's not possible to add a caption or to decide the most important part of the photo when using the import function.
Alternatively, you can add yourself to your friend list and send the photos using the Frameo app.