Frame - How to add friends

Connect with your friends and family by providing them with a unique code from your photo frame.

1) Generate a code

Open the "Menu" by pressing once anywhere on the screen of your photo frame.

Now press on the "Add friend"-icon on your photo frame. A dialog will appear showing a unique code (shown in red) which is valid for 12 hours.


Please note: Once your friend(s) have entered the code in the Frameo app, they do not need to add any code from you again.
This means you will be Frameo-buddies for life!

2) Share the code with your friend(s)

Now share this code with your friend(s) in whatever fashion you prefer e.g. SMS, E-Mail, IM, phone call or take a photo of the code and send it.


Once your friend(s) have received the code they can enter it in the Frameo app on their smartphone.

You can read an article on how to enter the code on smartphones in this guide:
Connect a frame to your smartphone