Frame - The time and date of my frame is not correct

You can check what the time and date is set to in the Settings menu under “My frame” > “Set time zone”. If this is not correct try the following: 

  1. Check if you have selected the right time zone. This is done at the same place where you can see the time and date of the frame.
  2. Check if the frame is connected to the internet. The date should update automatically when connected to the internet.
  3. If it does not update after connecting, then rebooting the frame will trigger a refresh of time.
  4. If you are connected to a guest network or a similar network with limited access to the internet, it could be blocking the frame from being able to update the time. Try to connect to another network to see if this might help.
  5. Does the date and time reset multiple time after having been updated, then the battery for maintaining time might be broken and will need to be replaced. Get in touch with the place where you have bought your frame in order to get it exchanged.