Smartphone - How to adjust your video

Before sending a video, you can adjust the video if you only want a part of the video to be send or if the video is longer than 15 seconds.

Please note: 

It is only possible to send one video at a time.

To adjust your video, follow these steps:

1. Select or make a video

In the Framep app, you either select a video from storage or make a new video.

In the top left corner, you can switch between your different albums (Learn more here Smartphone – How to switch between different albums in your app).


2. Select who you want to send it to 

Once you have selected the video you want to send, press on “Next” in the top right corner (if you use an iPhone) or the next button in the bottom right corner (if you use an Android smartphone). Select recipients and press on “Next” again.


3. Add a fitting caption

Write a caption for the video if you want to and press on “Next”.


4. Send

Adjust your video if you only want a part of the video to be send. You can pan through your video by dragging it along the timeline or move the handles to adjust the length of your video. When you have adjusted the video, press on “Send photo”. 


You are able to send videos of maximum 15 seconds. If the video is longer you will have to adjust the video to maximum 15 seconds.